Zoom Phone Service Level Agreement

4.2. Credits exclude all applicable taxes charged to the Customer or levied by I/O Zoom and are the Customer`s sole and exclusive remedy in the event of a failure or defect in the Service or the availability of the Customer`s Websites. Your level of ZoomInfo API usage can be based on query calls or credits (returned records). There may be restrictions on which API requests you can access. In addition, each request type has restrictions on the type of content you can access through that request. For people search and business search, there are restrictions on which data points you can search for and what content you can retrieve. For person details, company details, people correspondence, and business correspondence, there are restrictions on the type of content you receive from a person or company. Use of the Services is also subject to Zoom`s Privacy Policy, which is set forth on zoom.us/privacy. The Privacy Policy and all policies mentioned on www.zoom.us/legal are incorporated into this Agreement by this reference. If your use of the Services requires Zoom to process Personal Data (“PII” or “Personal Data”), Zoom will do so at any time in accordance with our Zoom Global Data Processing Addendum zoom.us/docs/doc/Zoom_GLOBAL_DPA.pdf, which is contained in this Agreement. In addition, you understand and agree that Zoom may contact you by email or other means with information relating to your use of the Services, whether or not you have opted out of receiving marketing communications or communications contained in this Agreement. In addition, you understand and agree that Zoom may contact you by email or other means with information relating to your use of the Services, whether or not you have opted out of receiving marketing or communications. Eligible Zoom (Pro) licensed accounts are funded by the Productivity Suite tax and student technology fees and have no direct fees for users.

Additional Zoom add-on services (. B webinars) can be purchased or purchased through the telecommunications catalog system. Zoom supports Windows/MacOS for desktops and iOS/Android for mobile devices. They also support Polycom and Yelling phone devices. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this SLA, I/O Zoom has no obligation to refund non-compliance with any of the guaranteed service levels if such error is due to one or more of the following reasons: The Zoom phone is a useful option for small businesses looking for a simple way to promote both better customer telecommunications. For existing Zoom Video subscribers, the service will be set up in minutes and your business can start making and receiving calls immediately. 1.2. “Network Outages” or “Unplanned Downtime” means unplanned or unplanned service availability interruptions when Customer is unable to access the Services as described in the “Network Availability” section above. For example, the Starter plan has no auto attendants and there is no compatibility with desk phones.

Nevertheless, for those who need some pretty valuable features like voicemail transcripts and 24/7 tech support, Google is definitely competitive with any other provider you`ll see in this guide. RingCentral is in Gartner`s Magic Quadrant for a reason: they provide powerful enterprise communication with a high level of reliability. Their VoIP phone service is available in four plans: Essentials ($19.99), Standard ($24.99), Premium ($34.99), and Ultimate ($49.99). With Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC), the provider you currently have can be used to power this phone system. This means that you can use existing PSTN lines and no new hardware needs to be installed for the phone system to be accessible. It also ensures that the pbx can be set up quickly so that communication between the company and customers is not hindered. “Zoom Documentation” means this description of the Zoom Services, the Zoom Website (www.zoom.us) and any additional descriptions of the Services that may be included in this Agreement. If you have any questions regarding your Service Level Agreement and API Limits, please email partnerAPI@zoominfo.com 21.3 Terms and Conditions: This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between the parties with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement and supersedes all prior agreements between the parties with respect to that subject matter, with the exception of the Reseller Customer Agreement. Zoom may change or modify the terms of this Agreement from time to time in its sole discretion. Zoom will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify you of material changes to this Agreement. Within ten (10) business days of the posting of any changes to this Agreement (or within ten (10) business days of the date of notification, if any), they will be binding on you.

If you do not agree with the changes, you must stop using the Services. If you continue to use the Services after such a ten-day period, you will be deemed to have accepted the changes to the terms of this Agreement. In order to participate in certain Services, you may be informed that you must download software and/or agree to additional terms. Except as expressly provided in these Additional Terms, these Additional Terms are hereby incorporated into this Agreement. This Agreement has been prepared in English and this version is authoritative in all respects, and any non-English version of this Agreement is for hosting purposes only. Zoom is designed to make communication a simple process that you can perform from a single platform. Although the service is designed for audio only, it integrates well with other Zoom applications such as Zoom Meetings video conferencing software, Zoom Room, Zoom Chat, and Zoom Webinar. Unfortunately, the service does not have international direct dial-in (DID) numbers.

These allow your business to appear locally to international customers, but Zoom pointed out that this feature is on the horizon for customers who want to reach international territories. With a service like this, the provider keeps the hardware remote. All you need is an internet connection and the cost of long distance calls is significantly reduced. In fact, the service allows unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada without the need for local long distance charges. Because VoIP is so versatile, more than 61% of businesses adopt VoIP services like Zoom Phone at the end of their fixed phone contracts. If a call needs to be redirected, it is sent to an available agent who can take care of it. Zoom has a multi-level auto attendant that routes calls to the appropriate queues, and if agents are not available, the caller is routed to voicemail where they can leave a message. Zoom is a feature-rich web collaboration service available to all students, faculty, and staff enrolled at UC Berkeley. Zoom offers video conferencing features such as meeting rooms, screen sharing, whiteboard and annotations, surveys, delegation of scheduling or hosting, participant chat, recording, and more.

Participants can choose between an audio or phone call number for voice connections and Windows, Mac, iOS or Android smartphones and tablets to view web and/or video conferences. Unlike traditional Zoom, which focuses on conferencing, this service is specifically designed for businesses that want to add the features of a VoIP phone system to their existing Zoom video conferences. This type of voting is very beneficial when using a service provider like Zoom because of its cloud-based nature. 1.4. “Planned Downtime” means any interruption of the Services planned by I/O Zoom for the purpose of upgrading the network or replacing equipment in order to provide you with a better service. Scheduled downtime occurs during notified downtime, with as many advance warnings as possible. So, what are the benefits of the Zoom PBX for your business? There are several advantages, the most notable being the fact that a phone call has the ability to quickly become a meeting, so if you`re talking to a team member, you can easily bring more to update it with information. Here are some other benefits. First contact response time to incidents and service requests is published here: berkeley.service-now.com/kb_view.do?sysparm_article=KB0013436 Zoom is a powerful competitor as a small business-friendly solution to break the grip of traditional fixed communications and take your voice calls to the cloud. Zoom`s servers are located in Australia, Canada, China, Europe, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Latin America, and the United States, so thanks to geo-redundancy, you can expect a certain level of reliability when using the service.

The vendor is one of the few that doesn`t have an availability guarantee or service level agreement (SLA), so there`s not much to protect you from outages. In this guide, we`re going to take a close look at this VoIP service to help you understand the pricing, features, and what sets it apart in a relatively crowded business communications market. Finally, your company creates touchpoints for your business with virtual phone numbers provided by a local Zoom license or at no charge. Do you want to appear local to your customers? Remember, based on a report from BrightLocal, 60% of customers prefer to reach small businesses by phone, and a local number gives the illusion that the company is reachable locally. .