What Type of Company Is Sunrun

When we moved, our new electricity costs were ridiculously high, even though we hadn`t changed anything that should have made a difference. We literally moved two minutes, so it wasn`t even like we were living somewhere far away. When this happened, we started looking for other ways to save our electricity. We made a few small stays with external electricity suppliers, but tried to cancel them in time and everything was tedious. We started thinking about solar energy and I saw that my girlfriend had gone solar and was saving money, so we decided to take an interest in it. At the time, our sales representative was working with another company and I just had the person she recommended to me who was working with Sunrun. Yes, Sunrun is a good company. Sunrun offers flexible lease and purchase terms, including no down payment options, and can customize a contract to suit your needs. Homeowners who want to install solar panels, but are concerned that their home won`t fit well, can turn to Sunrun to optimize a solar energy system designed for their home`s unique energy profiles.

Sunrun is a good company, but they have internal processes that they have to work on, and they need to better train their internal employees. To solve a problem, you have to be the squeaky wheel and I`m not the type to sit back and wait for things. Also, my situation was quite big. I can`t walk around a house for two weeks without hot water, heating, air conditioning or a lot of things because they can`t give me the technology. The customer service at Sunrun was terrible. It takes you months to plan a repair that only takes a few hours to repair. They do not answer calls. The field service technology is great, but it`s a company that`s very difficult to do business with because their tracking is terrible. We had a few things in our garden that we kind of integrated, like a playground for our kids and other things, and where Sunrun wanted to stand in line, the second person, who clearly didn`t know what he was talking about, told me they had to go through it. I said we couldn`t tear it apart and he said he didn`t know what I could do. So some of that was a bit boring.

We have already signed everything. Everything worked, but if they were a little more careful to make sure people were trained, that would be fine. But otherwise, it wasn`t bad. In July 2018, Sunrun expanded its solar and battery services to the island of Puerto Rico. [16] With offices in 23 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, Sunrun has become the largest solar, storage and energy services company in America, surpassing Solar City. [17] Sunrun`s solar systems and brightbox battery give you more than just savings – they also give you control over your electricity, so you can save electricity on sunny days when it`s cloudy or raining. Sunrun strives to be the easiest and smartest way to join the clean energy revolution, and the company will guide you through the installation and your next 25 years of superior solar performance and batteries. The first few months were very difficult and there were a lot of hiccups.

But once it started going and working, it was great. We have produced a lot of energy. We got our real bill and it was $400 from Edison. They didn`t count the first few months because we didn`t produce anything for several months. That`s when we had to get into Edison for a while, and that`s what was reflected in these real bills. By the time it was installed, it was well and quickly done that it was in line with what I expected. They even repaired the roof on which the solar panels went for free. Then we had an exhausting experience that allowed me to appreciate their service much more after installation. About two weeks after the facility went live, the house was hit by a thunderstorm and caused several damages to the home. I was lucky that there was no fire, but we discovered that four of the 14 signs had been burned by the strike.

They were the ones who noticed it because they were constantly monitoring my output to make sure the facility was working well, which is something very unusual. They made me realize that I wasn`t producing what was expected, and they sent a team to recognize the problem, order new panels and later come and replace those panels. They were really, really beyond duty. You need to make sure that solar energy works for you. People should ask questions, especially how they`re going to do things because our sales rep was nice and answered a lot of our questions, but there were some things he was quick to do. He said he would be here on the day of installation, but he was never at any of the polling stations or there on the day of installation because there were personal things going on that I could understand. But on the other hand, I didn`t know what I was doing. So it would have been nice if he had been there. The electrician was on the phone with Sunrun.

He followed the process they told him to turn it off and on again. Shutting down the entire system and shutting down the network did not solve the problem. I had already done it twice. He kept telling them that the problem was in their equipment. It was a long day on the phone with them. There are people who pick up the phone and just go get a book. You don`t really listen to the magnitude of what`s going on in your home. As the owner, I worked diligently to identify the problem with the licensed electrician.

If I didn`t know how to get the technology that helped me install the first time I installed it directly with my system, I would still be sitting here in my house without electricity. Basically, the solution was simply to locate the inverter switch, where the only person who was supposed to enter was a certified technician who turned that switch back on. It was a matter of pressing a switch. The company raised $12 million in venture capital from a group of investors, including Foundation Capital, in June 2008. [3] In 2009, Sunrun closed an $18 million Series B financing round led by Accel Partners and joined by Foundation Capital. The company also received an additional commitment of $90 million in U.S. tax equity. Bancorp in 2009, after the bank financed $105 million in projects in 2008. In June 2010, Sunrun signed a $100 million contract with PG&E.

After the deal, the company announced $55 million in fresh capital from Sequoia Capital. [7] Going solar was something I was thinking about. As far as energy was concerned, I was convinced that it was a way for me to reduce my costs, provided that it was done intelligently. And I thought that if I sold it, it would improve the value of my home in the market. But I avoided it because of the upfront costs, which I couldn`t afford. Then, when Sunrun contacted me, they convinced me to go with them because of the program that solved the initial money problem. I was very happy with the registration until the end. Communication was excellent and I was not under pressure.

And I was clearly told what would happen, when it would happen and what it would mean to me. Sunrun sells these big systems that cost a lot of money, and they have to back it up with support. If you have a problem and you have to go through their customer service to bring technology to your home, this is the end. They should bring you the right person. But they don`t know what they`re doing and they don`t listen to the problem. Your customer service representatives are not trained and are not competent. Without the salesman and technician, I probably wouldn`t have been at Sunrun. Also the equipment, configuration and way it is served in our home are wonderful.

We had been trying to turn the solar power service on and off for a few years, and we finally decided to do it. We got Sunrun Solar through Costco. Their salesman was wonderful and very informative.. .